Challenging Work.

Every job you take is a chance to do the best work of your life. We'd love to be a part of it.


We simplify, automate, and monetize online entertainment.

Put simpler?

We hack massive audiences.


visitors per month


Ad impressions per month


who make it all happen

We sit down at our computers every day excited to create systems, processes, spreadsheets, ad sets, quizzes, conversations, etc. that are so effective millions of people will say to themselves today,

“Yeah, I think I’m gonna click on that.”

It's inspiring. It’s interesting. And, let's be honest, it's just plain fun.

No matter their role on the team, everyone’s focus comes down to improving clearly defined metrics that will optimize these two brands…

Our (non)offices

Though our de facto hub is Los Angeles, where about half the team is located, Brainjolt is a fully distributed team.

Our team may work from anywhere in the world. We just have a few shared expectations:

They’re in a distraction-free zone. If that’s home, groovy. If not, we pay for a coworking space. It’s up to our people to choose their best environment for inspiration + productivity.

They commit to core hours — 10am-2pm PST. This is the window when we’re all “on” across time zones.

They put in 8+ hours a day. Our work is measured by results, but the expectation is still an 8-9 hour work day with reasonable breaks.

They set aside time to meet up. Several times throughout the year we meet for in-person meetups to pulse, plan, and plot the next course together. Travel and expenses are covered. We give as much advance notice as possible.

How we work

We can summarize Brainjolt in just 5 words. Our core values, if you will...


Stop! Don’t go with your first idea. Get some more. Give your brain more to work with.


Okay, “imitate,” if “copy” makes you uncomfortable. Point is, others have gone before us. Let’s learn from them.


You’ve thought. You’ve found someone to emulate. Now put your twist on it. Be clever. Make it better, faster, cheaper…


Does your idea hold up? Let’s prove it. Let the data be the decision-maker.


We’ve thought, we’ve copied, we’ve hacked, and we’ve tested. Everything holds up? Let’s get it out the door, then. We have till Tuesday at sunrise.

(Yes, our company values are basically just a to-do list. We're very practical around here.)

Benefits & Perks

Health Insurance

It's not the exciting benefits. But dang if it isn't important. We want you and your family feeling tip-top.


We match 100% of employees' contributions to their 401K up to 3% of their salary.

Free Travel & Vacations

With our "Globetrotter" program, employees aren't just given time off, but get their travel expenses paid.

Flexible Hours & PTO

We don't expect everyone to work the exact same schedule. If you carefully manage your time, there are a lot of options at Brainjolt when it comes to the specifics.

Internet & Phone Bill Reimbursement

If you're going to work remote, some of that space magic is on us...

Monthly Book Budget

We'll buy you any work-related book you want. And we'll make a monthly contribution to your personal book budget, too. We love readers. (WARNING The inverse is also true.)

2 Tickets/Yr to a Concert or Sporting Event

Is there a big show coming to town? Get on over there and have fun. It's our treat.

Gym Membership Assistance

Do you stay active at a local gym? Awesome. You pick up the free weights, we'll pick up the tab. Or some of it, anyway, if you go to one of the fancy LA joints.

Netflix, Spotify & Audible Subscriptions

Sometimes you use these services for self improvement and sometimes you want to relax. We value both, so Audible, Spotify and Netflix are on us. The "chill" is up to you.

Remote Work

Work wherever is best for you. Optimize your life for productivity in your own way.

Virtual Tacos

Don't worry. It's more fun than it sounds.

Paid Parental Leave

New parents may have 4 weeks with full pay after the arrival of their child.