Our mission:

Don't be boring.
Question assumptions.
Beat yesterday.

We’re a small, distributed team of learners, hackers, and doers who combine a metric ton of data science and market automation with a dash of creativity in order to entertain hundreds of millions of people a month.


Our Brands

“Do more with less” is our constant mantra. So we put all of our energy into only two sites. And look at that — they’re two of the biggest sites in the US.

Please excuse our enormous


Across our sites and social media, our stories and quizzes reach hundreds of millions of people. Basically all of America every month. (The best part? We do it profitably.)

45 M

Fans & Subscribers


85 M

Monthly Sessions


300 M

Avg Nanoseconds on Site
(Better than '5 min', No?)


1.5 B

Ad impressions/Mo


“With no investors Brainjolt still somehow blasts past nearly every competitor.”

-A true article that hasn't been written yet
We're hiring

Careers at Brainjolt

Every job you take is a chance to do the best work of your life. We’d love to be a part of your best work.

But first a disclaimer…We have high expectations, we change course constantly, we solve problems by doing more with less, and the problems are challenging to put it lightly. We are also pragmatic to the core. Idealism comes here to die.

If working at Brainjolt sounds interesting after that caveat…