Brainjolt Team Benefits

What You Can Expect as a Brainjolt Employee…

We strive everyday to fight boredom and spread happiness not just for our audience, but for our team, too. In addition to basic benefits, here are a few of the ways that we’ll support you and your continued success and happiness if you join us…


Gym Membership Assistance
Do you stay active at a local gym? Awesome! Let us cover some of the cost…


Home Internet
Obviously your internet is a tool that you can’t do your work without, and we know that some of that work will need to happen at home and “off the clock.” So we’ll offset the cost of your home internet bill.

Cell Phone
Same with your mobile phone.

Discretionary Work-related Book Budget
We hire perennial learners. When there’s a book (or some other educational tool) that will make you better at your job, we want you to have it.

Work/Life Balance

Flexible Hours
While we do expect and need everyone on our team to be plugged in with their coworkers and regularly communicating with them, we don’t require anyone to keep the exact same daily schedule as everyone else. Some of us start at 5:00 AM, some at 9:00. You work hard, and sometimes you work long, but we’re not picky about when.

Unlimited PTO
We see no need to keep track of time off. We only want to hire people who know that carefully managing their time (both on and off the clock) is in the best interest of their own careers. So if you work it out with your manager and it doesn’t harm the company, see ya later.


2 Tickets to One Concert a Year
Is there a big, exciting show coming to your town? It’s our treat.

Monthly Personal Book Budget
You’ve worked hard and deserve to fall asleep reading your favorite pulp fiction.

Audible Subscription
Reading is awesome but so is listening. Here’s an audiobook a month for you.

Spotify Subscription
Listen to music while you work? It’s on us. We’ll send you a list of approved genres proven to increase productivity. 😉

Netflix Subscription
You’re responsible for the chill.