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Brainjolt is a fast-growing, completely revenue-funded new media company based out of Los Angeles that blends “engagement agency” with “viral network” to bring smile-inducing content to huge, happy audiences across the internet.

We are a small team of scrappy yet professional, hard-working learners. And we’re looking for more like-minded, entrepreneurial talent. Also, our benefits aren't half bad.

Who We’re Looking For

Brainjolt is on the hunt for writers who will make it their mission to keep us at the forefront of the viral web with breaking stories, hilarious galleries, engaging quizzes, and more.

We’re looking for innovative writers who already gravitate toward what’s trending online and who have a proven awareness of what people like to read and share. They’re incredibly driven to get content out first; they work quickly and accurately, requiring minimal editorial oversight; they love to experiment until they find what works; and they’re naturally inclined to go to the data to see whether their content is effective.

This position is full-time and is located in our Pasadena headquarters. We offer competitive salaries, benefit packages, and a vibrant, collaborative workplace. We are a thriving, growing company seeking like-minded entrepreneurs to help us keep the world in good spirits through fun, inspiring, and heartfelt content.


  • Rigorously watch the internet in order to find breaking stories that our audience will love and then write, edit, and publish them on our sites as close to first as possible.
  • Create all content with an eye for evoking emotions and motivating shares.
  • Continually test inventive ways to improve content — topics, headlines, formatting, genres, word-count, images, videos, etc.
  • Be available evenings and weekends. This is not a 9-5 job. This is a whenever-a-story-needs-to-get-posted job.
  • Happily work across a number of genres — articles, galleries, quizzes, etc.

Expectations and Requirements

  • You have a clear, casual, punchy writing style.
  • You have a keen eye for content. You see viral stories where everyone else sees…nothing. It’s all about how the story is pitched. And you know how to pitch it.
  • You are extremely familiar with the viral web.
  • You write irresistible titles and compelling stories. You never stop asking Is this clickable? and Is this shareable? When the answer is No, you know how to fix it or nix it.
  • You’re data-driven.
  • You are familiar with the tools of this trade — at bare minimum WordPress, HTML, Facebook, YouTube, and a photo editor of some variety.
  • You work well with a team.
  • You have experience. You’ve done this before, and you’ve done it well.
  • You know the internet never sleeps, so you’re willing to work odd hours as needed to make sure we don’t fall behind.
  • You work fast and you’re clever as hell.
  • You’re funny.
  • You’re a sideways thinker.
  • No drama.