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Brainjolt is a fast-growing, completely revenue-funded new media company based out of Los Angeles that blends “engagement agency” with “viral network” to bring smile-inducing content to huge, happy audiences across the internet.

We are a small team of scrappy yet professional, hard-working learners. And we’re looking for more like-minded, entrepreneurial talent. Also, our benefits aren't half bad.


In our ongoing efforts to create evocative content that millions of people love and share, Brainjolt is on the hunt for an entrepreneurially driven, freakishly organized, people-focused Managing Editor to play a key role in pushing the business forward. How? By leading our creative team and turning our content up to eleven.

Brainjolt currently reaches 80 million unique readers a month across our sites and millions more on social media and through video. These high-level numbers (as well as slightly more granular data like time-on-site, share percentage, pages-per-session, etc) all point to one thing:

People love our engaging, smile-inducing viral stories, quizzes, and social content.

But there’s more to achieve. And for that we need a Managing Editor.

So, let’s get into the details…


The Managing Editor will oversee the three areas under the umbrella of “creative” — Editorial (obviously) but also Social and Video. Leading in these areas will entail creating or optimizing processes, maintaining these processes once they’re perfected, and continually motivating our creative team to do their best work as they implement — you guessed it — these processes.

What processes are we talking about? Are you sure you want to know? OK, here we go…

  • Editorial

    • Editorial calendar
    • Trending content creation
    • Evergreen content creation
    • Organically viral content creation
    • Quiz creation
    • Sponsored content creation
    • Content design
    • Reviewing content
    • Title testing
    • Featured image testing
    • Publishing content
    • Communication between Audience Development and Editorial Departments
    • Communication between Sales and Editorial Departments
    • Comment moderation
    • Audience interaction
    • Tracking data
    • Conveying relevant data to the team
    • Research
    • Competitive analysis
    • Brainstorming
    • A/B testing
    • Work with Product Department on continual site improvements.
    • Innovation
  • Social

    • Curating social images
    • Creating social images
    • Reviewing content
    • Scheduling images and video
    • Communication between Audience Development and Social Departments
    • Communication between Sales and Editorial Departments
    • Community management
    • Tracking data
    • Conveying relevant data to the team
    • Facebook page maintenance
    • Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
    • Research
    • Competitive analysis
    • Brainstorming
    • Innovation
  • Video

    • Original produced videos
      • Pitching
      • Shooting
      • Editing
    • Story videos (Text-on-image)
    • Facebook Live
      • Image gallery videos
      • Talk Shows
    • Licensed videos
      • New relationships and deals
      • Curating videos
      • Creating videos with curated content
    • Reviewing content
    • Tracking data
    • Conveying relevant data to the team
    • Design
    • Research
    • Competitive analysis
    • Brainstorming
    • Innovation
  • Personnel
    • Hiring
    • Training
      • New hires
      • Ongoing education
      • Coaching/correction
    • Performance reviews
    • Creating redundancies
    • Meetings
      • All-team
      • Departmental
      • 1-on-1’s
    • Team motivation/inspiration/growth

Whew. That was a mouthful…

In case it’s not obvious implicitly, we’ll make it explicit: This is going to be a hard job. It will be take energy and time beyond what a typical job demands…but for the right person it will also be fulfilling beyond what a typical job can offer.

Here is a completely inadequate attempt to describe how we’re currently picturing the “right person”…


  • 5+ years of experience in similar or parallel editorial/management role.
  • Experience producing a variety of content (including blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos, social content, etc)
  • Proven ability to make content viral.
  • Exceptional written and verbal skills.
  • Strong proofreading and copyediting skills.
  • Extremely capable with Google analytics.
  • Proven ability and desire to drive editorial decisions with data.
  • Strong interpersonal communications skills.
  • Able to manage multiple deadline-driven projects from concept to delivery.
  • Self-starter
  • Natural storyteller, conversationalist, and wordsmith.
  • Ability to teach their “way with words” to a team of less experienced content creators.
  • Experience growing an editorial team and providing mentoring support beyond freelance coordination.
  • Experience working with brands to develop creative and unique sponsored content and strategic partnerships.
  • History of sideways thinking.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit.
  • No drama.

There’s more, but we’ll stop there.


We are fast-paced and entrepreneurial work environment that empowers (and then expects) our people to work hard, often independently, and to drive results that directly impact the business. To continue to do this, we need people on the team who are up to the task. People who live our core values naturally and not just to keep their job.

These core values are the real answer to the question Why Brainjolt? And they can be summed up in one word: BECAUSE.

We value…

  • Brilliance — Your life is optimized for inspiration. You have brainjolts every day.
  • Expertise — You own your area and excel in your field.
  • Curiosity — You are always learning.
  • Analysis — You are devoted to the numbers. You test everything.
  • Urgency — You are driven. You have hustle. You are biased toward action.
  • Scrappiness — You are strategic to the point of sly. You are occasionally cunning.
  • Enthusiasm — You love your work. You love these values. You are inspiring and inspirable.


Since early on, our tagline at 22 Words has been Fight boredom, spread happiness. We strive to do this not just for our audience there, but for our team, too. So in addition to offering basic benefits, here are some additional ways we support our team’s continued personal success and happiness.

  • Unlimited PTO
  • Home internet & mobile phone assistance
  • Gym membership assistance
  • 2 tickets to a concert of your choice per year
  • Spotify, Netflix, and Audible subscriptions.
  • Monthly Personal and business-related book budgets
  • Coffee and beer
  • And more…